Hi, from Sam and the team!
We coach to allow progression beyond the session. We develop understanding rather than just tell information. We are genuinely enthusiastic about your progress.

Professional watersports tuition

UK group and private coaching for all ages and abilities as well as every level of instructor training in Windsurfing, SUP and Winging. We also run bespoke coaching and development services for staff or groups, plus a series of UK and Overseas clinics.


  • RYA Advanced Plus Instructor Trainer
  • BSUPA Instructor Trainer
  • RYA WindFoil Instructor Trainer
  • BKSA/BSUPA WingSurf Instructor Trainer
  • RYA Race Coach Tutor
  • BKSA Kite Instructor

Countries worked in:

  • UK, USA, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Latvia, Italy, France, Australia, Switzerland, Canary Islands, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Germany

Current and Previous Roles:

  • Lead Pathway Coach for British Sailing Team IQFoil Project
  • Test Editor Windsurf Magazine
  • Lead BST Kite4Gold Project
  • UK National Junior Squad Coach
  • UK Brand Manager Severne Sails
  • RYA OnBoard Development Officer

Awards and Achievements:

  • 2016/2017/2018- NWF Windfoil Champion
  • 2017/2018- NWF Windsurfing Coach of the year
  • 2016 Winner of 1st UKWA Windfoil Slalom Event
  • 2016 Winner of UKWA Windfoil Course Racing event
  • 2013 1st Inflatble board to complete 11 cities
  • 2010 UK Windsurfing Freestyle Champion
"Overall our focus is being enthusiastic about you and what you want to achieve. Helping you define your success and developing mindsets that will help you develop technique beyond our interactions. Watersports have given us a huge amount and we feel much of our role is repaying that debt."
  • I am now lucky enough to work with a team of people, bringing you the very best of coaching for all levels, in multiple disciplines. Together with my team I want to provide the absolute best in watersports coaching and training, we can offer anything from group sessions to bespoke coaching, but most importantly we are obsessively passionate about what we do and want you to love watersports as much as we do! To understand why I first set this up, read my story below.

    WHY and HOW did it all happen?

    I was lucky enough to have first been introduced to Windsurfing by my Dad in my late teens. After an initial outing together which resulted in me dropping my mast on my Dad’s head and splitting it open we sort professional help. I met Rachel Med at outdoor adventure and whilst I ability to get on with the sport was arduous her style enthusiasm are something that have a had a profound impact on me ever since.

    It was this influence that led me to wanting to coach the sport I had only just learnt to love. A love of coaching and was further instilled in me jammed into the back of a rowing boat in my late teens rowing for my school and later Great Britain Junior Squads, where being the Cox your only influence on making the boat go quicker was to help improve technique and encourage the team to success.

    My enthusiasm for the sport of windsurfing continued to grow, initially training in Greece and then working in the UK as an instructor and in the retail sector in Poole. I then began what would be the first of many overseas seasons with Neilson Active Holidays. First in Bitez, then on to manage Ortakent in Turkey before opening their new Lesvos centre and developing their instructor training program in Dahab, Egypt where I also managed the centre.

    Through RYA training I progressed to become one of only a few Advanced Plus instructor Trainers in the UK, as well as being a Race Coach Tutor and one of the Original Windfoil Trainers and Instructors having helped develop the scheme. I’m also very lucky to have worked as part of the RYA training team. Having helped develop British Youth Sailing Team Coaches, I was also the National Junior Squad coach and am now the Pathway lead Coach for the British Sailing Team IQFoil Project. I’ve also been working with the British Wave Sailing Association to develop their future Pros initiative and am the current Test Editor for Windsurf Magazine.

    I continue to enjoy training at all levels whether that be beginners, first foiling flights, wave sailing, International racing or instructor training.

    But it didn’t stop there!

    Whilst running Neilson’s Lesvos centre in 2007 I was lucky to receive 2 of the first Stand Up Paddleboards and whilst I initially used this to commute to work. The accessibility and diversity of the sport grabbed me as I went onto race internationally at events like the Battle of the Paddle and am still the 11 Cities course record holder on an inflatable board. I also got to work on developing equipment with brands like Red Paddle Co, as well as working on developing instructor and customer training with BSUPA as one of their training team.


    Yep, for many years I thought it was the Dark Side. But, I was asked to lead the British Sailing Team Kite For Gold project to find medalists for the 2024 Olympics. This lead me into working with a new group of highly skilled coaches and their influence quickly rubbed off on me. Whilst I’m an instructor and enthusiastic about kiting, I’m very honest about where you’ll get the best experience. If Kiting is a sport you want to try (and you should) get in touch and I’ll point you in the right direction.


    When Winging appeared it was an easy yes from me. Coupling Windsurf, Foiling Skills, SUP foiling and Kiting skills it has been a great trying to learn and continue to. Where this sport will go we’re not sure yet, but I’ve already done work with BSUPA and BKSA on developing and delivering a scheme alongside Andy Gratwick. I can’t wait to see where it all goes.

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