Big Windsurf Love Over at Easyriders

These last few weeks, Sam and the Easyriders Windsurfing Team have welcomed many windsurfers through the doors and sent them back out with upgraded tips and techniques to help them shred in confidence!

The mass windsurfing month kicked off with the arrival of our new kit… We were so excited to welcome 2 brand new 140ltrSevern Foxes to our fleet recently, to add to the pile of gorgeous boards waiting for you to be taught on! We now have everything you could need for your windsurfing progression including beginner boards, intermediate freeride boards, shortboards and foilboards. We can cover you the whole way through your journey, whichever way you choose to take it!


If you’re looking at getting into harness and footstraps- read on! With some revolutionary harness usage tips, the right kitand a bit of wind luck we had an amazingly progressive week of intermediate windsurf tuition here! The Helmsley family came for lessons with us in our perfectly waist deep and sheltered harbour location every day for a whole week last month. In that week we saw one of the family members not only plane for the first time, but also get into the straps! The family went away with a proper taste for the sport and have since been aiming at getting out on higher wind days than they used to feel comfortable on.

Also in terms of our advanced tuition and foil focussed sessions it turn out that windsurfers from all over the country are so keen to make the most of the new technology allowing us to windsurf in lighter winds that they are willing to travel from far afield to get a session with Sam in! Tracy and his friend travelled a fair few hours to visit us down at the beachclub and get Sam’s help with kit set up and foil technique and a morning of chatting about board sizes, fin bolts and fuselages in the sunshine is definitely enjoyed by all- especially when followed by an all-too-easy glide out on the water with tuition and safety cover!


We love windsurfing, and now the wind is beginning to re-appear for autumn we’re desperate to make the most of it! We’re sure you are too, and if all of this sounds like something you could benefit from, don’t hesitate to get in touch and book you specialist intermediate/advanced/foilwindsurf tuition with us!

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